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HT-390 Hygro Thermo Meter

HT-390 Hygro Thermo Meter

HT-390 Hygro Thermo Meter



  1. Reasonable price, Lightweight and Compact.
  2. Microprocessor based for fast and accurate measurements.
  3. Simultaneous display Humidity and Temperature.
  4. Multi-functions: Data-hold, Max/Min, Record, Hi & Low alarm setting.
  5. Low battery indication and auto/manual power shut off.



  RH Temp
Range 1~99.9 % RH -40~60°C (-40~140°F)
Accuracy ±2.5 % RH ±0.3°C
Resolution 0.1 % 0.1°C
Sensor 100 ohm RTD/Thin polymer capacitor
Power DC 9V battery, life span 200 consecutive hours
Weight 165 g
Dimension 85 x 30 x 1200 mm